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Skilled workers are synonymous to High Quality work, and no doubt is the first priority of every company especially working in Building Construction, Oil and Gas sectors. Finding skilled manpower is a challenging task today for most of the construction and engineering companies.

To keep up with this our decades long international experience in providing manpower for handling big projects is an asset which we share with our clients. We identify right talent and right fit for our client’s requirements. We select the manpower not only based on their soft-skills and technical skills, but also on their past work performance and track record as well as the personal attributes.

Our multi-level screening and recruitment process enables us to choose the high quality professionals for any requirement. Our successful long term associations with our clients always thrive us to welcome our each and every new client with great confidence and commitment to excellent services.

If you have any manpower requirement for your construction, engineering, oil and gas domains then Golden Light House’s Manpower services is the right fit.